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Launch of MET Music Academy
MET Music Academy, our music and enterprise touring academy is now launched. It's a very exciting time for the team and I, we’ve now launched MET Music Academy - a dearly-held project of mine - and something we feel which will have a genuinely transformative effect on the aspirations and opportunities for talented musicians internationally.
Inspired Speak Session @ Starcom Media 29 January
Mentoring. Helping companies and musicians reach their goals
Business & Music - Master Classes in Peak Performance - 10/11/12 July London
Kipper (Sting's Producer) and Francis, whose skills have nurtured and supported some of the musical giants of the decade, take you on an inspirational journey demonstrating how the techniques, skills and approaches used for managing and directing some of music’s greats are directly related to the world of business and can help connect, create change and make a real difference.
Master Class Farncombe Cavern
Francis Seriau and Mike Sturgis Drum Master Class Took place on May 23, 2012 A great master class and it was extremely enjoyable working with Mike Sturgis Both Mike and I wanted the master class to be highly informative for the audience, creative and very musical in terms of performance. It is all about music and working with others.


Helping companies and individuals either set up or develop their business is something that I deeply enjoy. It is extremely rewarding to share my experience and knowledge and enable others to do well.

Many musicians come to me for career and industry advice. In many cases I think I am able to help make a real difference in the way that they approach things and can also put them in touch with the right industry connections. Check out this very talented French musician
“Blastermind” Omar el Barkaoui, multi instrumentalist, composer, producer:
Finally an audio track

I have been working with a couple of musical schools overseas, helping them with the development and growth of their business and adding a real international angle to their approach.

I am also involved with mentoring companies and one of the companies that I am working with is called Munky! It is a cool visual effects company. A boutique type place, which puts a great emphasis on high quality work and personal service. They have done some fantastic work in film, TV, advertising. Check them out: