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vision & mission

Innovate - Inspire - Involve
Throughout my career, my twin passions have been music and education. But I realised early on that simply being passionate about something would never in itself be enough.
I needed to develop my entrepreneurial and business skills. Very quickly, these enabled me to market myself and my ideas; focus on the things that really mattered and ultimately, to deliver my vision in a unique and compelling way.

My aim now is to share my knowledge, passion and experience to help musicians and organisations from all over the globe to maximize their true potential. I want to facilitate knowledge exchange, forge new partnerships and create exciting music and business opportunities. In my career, I’ve always said; enable people of all backgrounds, cultures, styles, levels and aims to reach their goal. Give people the tools to become creative, employable and successful. Excite talent, nurture it, develop it.

And don’t expect convention – expect results!
Francis Seriau

Francis Seriau