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“Francis Seriau is one of a kind and a real entrepreneur, creative and successful with a huge talent for sharing and guiding!”
Creative Business Mentoring
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)7787 502 025
Email: francis@francisseriau.com
Web: francisseriau.com
Skype: francisseriau


Entrepreneur, Creative Business
Mentor, Musician


Who I am: A skilled entrepreneur, business mentor and musician with a 30 year international track record.

What I do: I give you the support, inspiration and tools to help you succeed in your business.

Uniquely, I straddle two different sectors: Business and Music. I offer unparalleled insights, knowledge and support to businesses, entrepreneurs and musicians wanting to make the changes necessary to bring about success. I am 100% dedicated to empowering and nurturing others and enabling them to succeed. In fact it's my passion.

Here's a few career highlights:

The founder of the world-renowned Tech Music Schools (now part of the BIMM group) the first music school for pop & rock musicians in the UK
Established the leading brand in music education in Europe and trained many of the best musicians on the world music scene
Created, developed and managed an international business operating in 50 countries, which I sold successfully in 2010
Business mentor and developer to entrepreneurs and SMEs. Clients include: Film/Visual Effects, IT, Live Events, Music, Health & Beauty, Intelligence Service Training, Finance, Media, Legal, Architecture, Design, Event Intelligence...
Part of UCL Advances Mentoring team
Music coach, trained some of the best musicians on the international scene
Adviser to the Mayor of London's fund for young musicians
Honorary Doctor and a Fellow of the RSA (The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)

I am based in West London and work both in the UK and internationally. I am French and bilingual.

Leon MillerFrancis is a rare breed of creative and entrepreneurial talent combined with business acumen. He has a proven track record in founding a highly successful business, which proved to be a template for many others that followed.

Leon Miller Solicitor at Locke Lord LLP

Creative Business Mentoring
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)7787 502 025
Email: francis@francisseriau.com
Web: francisseriau.com
Skype: francisseriau


“Unless you know where you are going
you will end up somewhere else.”


I support a large range of businesses: from microbusinesses to SMEs to much larger concerns. I work with the owners or directors of each business, either on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.

My approach consists not only of looking at your business as a business but at the individuals involved in it. How they perform and interact. Their strengths and weaknesses and how their behaviours and attitudes affect both its performance and the performance of the teams involved.

Applying sound and creative business principles, I help in a number of ways. I help you to focus, gain a fresh perspective perhaps, prioritise, achieve new goals, face new challenges, develop new opportunities. I support you as you take a new direction, or even the same direction but approached differently. I'm there to help you to achieve more, do better, go further.

I call it Outperformance.

What does working with a business mentor feel like?

You're no longer isolated: making decisions in a vacuum, shouldering all the worries on your own. Instead you'll have an experienced fellow entrepreneur working with you who knows exactly what it is like to run your own business. Who's been there when the days are too short and the deadlines are shorter still.

“All the greatest business leaders stress the importance of having a good mentor and regard it as a small investment when compared to the huge improvement it has made to their overall business success.”

So how will I help make a real difference and add value to your business?

The process simply starts with understanding the current status of you and your business, and examining your ambitions, goals, motivation and drivers. Identifying the areas than need addressing. Putting an action plan together. After that we agree a level of mentoring which best suits your objectives, time and budget.

Here are some of the key areas that I work on with my clients:

Strategy, priorities and direction
Taking a step back
Big picture thinking
A clear and achievable plan
Financial management
Sales and marketing
Leadership and management
Creativity and brainstorming
Brand development
Standing out from the crowd
Creating opportunities
Raising finance
Preparing your exit strategy or acquisition

When required, I provide access to professional experts and advisers in key sectors from my extended network.

Typically we'd meet face to face once or twice per month. We'll also have regular contact by telephone, email and/or Skype/Facetime.

This is a collaborative process, which takes place through either 1-1 or small team sessions. We work in a structured and disciplined way and our work programme is tailor-made to your needs and requirements.

I am based in West London and work in the UK and internationally.

1. Business mentoring and development- Fee either per hour or day rate from one day a month retainer.
2. Advice and support on structuring and preparing for sale for best value and through the sale process- Fee = Combination of fee + commission. (To be negotiated).
3. Advice and support on the selection, investigation and acquisition of a new company- Fee = Combination of fee + commission. (To be negotiated).
4. Peer to Peer Sessions: A unique opportunity to meet, share, interact and learn with other entrepreneurs from non-competing businesses. I lead and facilitate Peer to Peer sessions between some of my clients that I personally invite. Small groups of six entrepreneurs maximum - Private business setting - Guest speakers – Business lectures - Themed discussions - Group work.

Contact me for an exploratory chat:

I offer a no-fee no-obligation initial exploratory and assessment meeting.

Creative Business Mentoring
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)7787 502 025
Email: francis@francisseriau.com
Web: francisseriau.com
Skype: francisseriau


It's about you and your


Cristina Harvey

‘We were looking for a mentor to support the growth of the practice, someone with good understanding of business within a creative industry. Francis has proved to be an excellent adviser and sounding board for all aspects of the practice, leading to greater confidence in making strategic decisions. Francis’s background as both an entrepreneur and musician was very helpful in relating to the challenges of a creative business. We are delighted to be working with him. ’

David Kohn - Founder and Director of David Kohn Architects

Cristina Harvey

‘I can highly recommend Francis. He is able to add both creativity to a concept and also a structure to process. His train of thought is clear, and his passion for working with the people involved mean that he is an expert in driving business growth. As a mentor, his empathetic nature is second to none, and really, whilst he helped with both structuring and scaling our business, it was the personal touch that I will be most grateful to Francis for, he identifies the entrepreneurs' strengths and weaknesses and goes to work on making the strong stronger and the weak irrelevant - it is this quality that in my eyes means he is a true mentor.’

Alex Fenton - Owner/Director GapCap (GapCap - Select invoice financing solutions for companies, Pay-As-You-Use cash flow.)

Cristina Harvey

‘Revesby Estate is a family owned country Estate located between the Lincolnshire towns of Lincoln and Skegness. The Estate surrounds and gets its name from the picturesque village of Revesby. Francis was recommended to me through the University College London. Francis has had a very positive impact upon my business, from big picture vision right through to the fine details, which is exactly what we needed. Through his mentoring Francis has been providing me with the tools to discover, develop and unlock some very exciting strategies and growth.’

Peter W Wiggins-Davies - Managing Director Revesby Estate

Dan Howson

‘As owners of our events company in the entertainment industry we are extremely grateful for the ongoing positive impact Francis has on us, our business and our staff.

His ethos coupled with his own vast experience as a successful entrepreneur and educator, on a global scale, has given us the tools and confidence to drive our business in the right direction and to reach our goals fast and in a measured and structured way.

Fundamentally Francis is a human being, he has an eye for the original and marries a disciplined hard-working attitude with a friendly and sincere approach, which can only be admired and respected. We hope to be working with Francis for some time to come.’

Dan Howson - Director The Live Firm


Our charity, SCT, works with people in recovery from addiction, homelessness and trauma. We work to enable people to move on from their past and find their true selves through innovation, enterprise and care. We want our staff to be the best they can and our service users to realise their amazing potential so Francis has been helping us on a pro-bono basis. Francis has the ability to communicate to everyone, no matter what their background, in a way that is easy to understand, aspirational, energising and warm; not an easy cocktail to manage. 

We have all gained a huge amount from working with Francis and spending time with him one gets the feeling that the world is your oyster.

‘Francis has excellent entrepreneurial skills and real talent for bringing out the best in a team.’
Janey Futerill - Principal Regent London
Cristina Harvey

‘Francis and his expert guidance have been invaluable. He helped us to refocus our business and to clarify our objectives, enabling us to formulate tangible aims to work towards. He has also given us some ideas for how to standardise and diversify the services we offer. Perhaps most importantly Francis has given us a fresh and objective perspective - vital to a company run by two strong-willed directors!’

Cristina Harvey - The First Word (Creative Business Writing)

Joel Sutton

‘Francis brings real experience, knowledge and understanding to the table, having built and sold a multi-national company. His sessions inspire and help guide our own exciting growth.’

Joel Sutton - CEO The Cloud (Pop up Spas)

‘It is far too easy for any business owner to lose sight of the bigger picture. It has been invaluable to have Francis take a critical look at my company - He has been able to analyse events from a very high level and to concentrate on the crucial strategic elements that need attention. The plan that we have put in place and the regular contact with Francis have been vital to the future growth of the business.’
Mike Casey - Managing Director Cloudscape IT
Gary Brown

‘Feeling a little rudderless and under pressure after a period of growth, we went in search of a mentor to help us move forward. We were introduced to Francis Seriau who quickly understood the nature of our business and our current position in it. He identified key areas in which our business was listing and helped us put fresh practices in place. Francis was a driving force in making sure we addressed what had been identified and at the same time opened up new initiatives as he came to learn more about us and our industry.’

‘Francis thinks on his feet and has solutions and ideas every time we throw something at him. The experience and methods he brings to the table have been invaluable to us. Francis is a charming, engaging and warm character who we hope we will know for years to come.’

Gary Brown - CEO Munky Ltd (Visual Effects)

‘My partners and I met Francis through his Music Master classes applied to business. We were looking into creative activities enabled by new technologies as tools for health and wellbeing.’

Beyond Francis' highly successful career as a music educator and entrepreneur we were impressed by his original vision. Francis brought his contagious passion for life, music, new technologies and entrepreneurship to our world of business management and self-development.

Francis understands markets. And... Francis understands human beings... He identifies your skills and connects you with the necessary experts. And crucially, he gets great results.

I strongly recommend his business development and mentoring expertise to all entrepreneurs and SMEs seeking to take their business to the next level.
Anne-Marie Carton - DC at BigTime TV- Rock Couture Productions- Creative Skills For Life

Leon Miller

‘Francis is a rare breed of creative and entrepreneurial talent combined with business acumen. He has a proven track record in founding a highly successful business, which proved to be a template for many others that followed.’

‘Francis is an excellent communicator and can articulate complex ideas in a simple and clear manner. As an experienced music teacher Francis is fully equipped with all the skills required to be an effective mentor and provide the inspiration necessary to succeed. Anyone who works with Francis very quickly understands the value add he can bring to an enterprise and the benefits his guidance can bring.’

Leon Miller - Solicitor at Locke Lord LLP

David Dixon

‘I can recommed Francis without reservation. He is a clear thinker with plenty of professional experience in business, music and training. He is calm and reliable and also a pleasure to work with.’

David Dixon - Director at Voice & Business Consultant

Anne France Kenned

‘Francis has the passion, the positive energy of entrepreneurs along with the listening and communication skills needed to understand and support business directors and entrepreneurs. Francis is refreshingly direct, transparent and has the ability to help leaders to clarify their vision so that they can then focus on deploying the operations needed to develop their venture. In addition Francis has the deep understanding of both the French and the British mindsets and markets. He is able to help French and British businesses to succeed on both sides of the Channel.’

Anne-France Kennedy - New Sparks Director UK Social Enterprise & Start-ups Consultant

Simon Levine

‘I would highly recommend Francis for his fresh approach and innovation to different situations. It is a pleasure to work with Francis and his clear instructions and understanding are essential skills in mentoring, training and business in general.’

Simon Levine - VAT Director/Consultant at VAT Advice Line Ltd

‘Francis was extremely helpful when I needed a template for artists and professional musicians undertaking workshops and masterclasses in primary and secondary schools. Francis's knowledge of the music education world was invaluable in helping shape the programme to ensure maximum benefit for students participating in the workshops.’
Ginny Greenwood - Chief Executive, Mayor's Music Fund